River Inn

It's a heaven beside the river. Stretch your arms to catch the clouds… with greenery all around. Recall your good memories and just relax on the banks of the river here. Two beautiful independent cottages witness the soothing sound of the river and you can witness the chirping birds. Four attractive rooms for those tourists who arrive to enjoy the ambience of the nature.

Coorg River Inn fully covered (360 degree angle) by hill station and it is in front of the river with God Forest 2 kms & homestay cottages are facing towards the east and is facing towards down to the beautiful Madapur river flowing from north to south and surrounded with green mountains of coffee estates. The homestay surrounded by 38 acres boundary with Orange plant, coffee plant, pepper plant, cardamom and orchanut.

Well equipped facilities are available in our homestay and the route to our homestay is very good. The Roads are well established & Compatible which are constructed by Dambur and there are no Mud cRoads.